Citrex MemoriaTM is ready-to-drink anytime.

Citrex Memoria™ is an orange flavor instant memory booster drink formulated with an unique combination of memory booster herbs. The active ingredients of Memoria™ such as French Technology the well-known memory enhancer – American Ginseng Cereboost™ and the powerful cognitive enhancer for people of all ages – Bacopa BacoMind® and Vitamin C that is designed to improve your memory, mood, concentration and cognitive processes.

Citrex Memoria™ is a functional food product. All the ingredients used are natural, well-recognized, backed by proven scientifi researches to provide cognitive support for adults and teenagers. It is safe for regular consumption and without any known side effects.

Citrex MemoriaTM’s Target:

  • Students
  • Stressful /Overworked executives
  • Individuals with active lifestyle and unhealthy diet
  • Ageing seniors

Natural, effective and easy to consume

Peace of mind

Calm the Mind

Suitable for students and stressful executives

Optimum dosing for fast result

Does not take months or years to see the results, acute solution suitable for those who want to boost their memory urgently

Scientifically proven to boost memory

Proven efficacy value for money

Award winning ingredient

Recognition by experts

French Technology

Standardized extract for quality and safety assurance vs. expensive herbs sold in Chinese Medical Halls from unknown origin.

Each Bottle of CITREX MEMORIA Contains:

American Ginseng Cereboost™ 200mg
Bacopa BacoMind® 100mg
Vitamin C 50mg

Serving Suggestion:

Citrex MemoriaTM is ready-to-drink anytime.
Shake well before drink. Tastes excellent when chilled
Suggestion 1 :
MemoriaTM 6-day
1 bottle a day for 6 days consecutively.
This is especially beneficial for the
Suggestion 2:
MemoriaTM Easy
1-3 bottles a week, or as needed.
Limited to 1 bottle a day

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